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Sarah & Hollie

Hey everyone! This is Hollie with Serene Home Decor and Design. I get this question a lot.... How do you stand out among the other designers in your area? Well...... what Sarah and I pride ourselves on is that we are just like you! We are working moms just trying to survive everyday and love the spaces we do it in! We have an eye for design and love helping families create beautiful and organized spaces so they can survive everyday obstacles while feeling at peace in their house.


Sarah and I met in Middle School! Which yes, was like a thousand years ago! Haha! We instantly became best friends and have loved and supported each other ever since. We feel so blessed to be able to nourish our friendship all while following our dreams to create this amazing company.


This blog will be a great place for you to shop for products, get tips and tricks to design, see projects unfold, and inspire you to look at your home differently! Thanks for your support!




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